new goals 2017

As you may or may not know. I love making lists. I wanted to start a new DZP, but not sure if I can or want to come up with a 101 goals (again).

So for now at least, I will just call it my new goals for 2017

  1. book a vacation (destination unknown until you reach the airport!! :D)
  2. ride a horse
  3. get a penpal
  4. do the nieuwjaarsduik, a Dutch tradition to start the new year by entering the oh so cold sea
  5. climb a (high) tree
  6. visit the Hoge veluwe (and ride the white bikes)
  7. finish the 30 day challenge you should have finished before februari 2017
  8. finish the 365 project on instagram (at least post regular daily pictures)
  9. take portrait photos of 10 ‘new’ people  [1/10]
  10. print my own photography book
  11. decide what to do with this blog
  12. fly a kite
  13. long-board a lot until you feel like you have mastered the art of long-boarding (at least reasonably enough)
  14. go skinny dipping
  15. ride a tandem-bike
  16. learn french (again)
  17. visit Nijmegen and get a tour from M&L
  18. drink more water
  19. run 5K (no walk pauses)
  20. run 10K with walk pauses
  21. run 10k (no walk pauses)
  22. write a (short)story
  23. plan my trip to Iceland <3
  24. cook more often
  25. go surfing
  26. make homemade pasta
  27. graffiti
  28. make a short video
  29. eat basil lemon flavored ice-cream
  30. visit Rebecca
  31. get a henna tattoo
  32. conquer a fear