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you are enough

6 juli 2017


i can be so open
in my thoughts and on paper
sometimes i am a bit weird,
in the sense that i put too much effort in things
things that seem so pointless to others

i am grateful for silly small things like someones love for socks, someone being their weird self, the joy of others in something they really like even if it seems like no big deal to me. A feeling someone gives of. A certain calm or a certain energized happiness.

I want to show people their worth. Especially if they don’t seem to see it themselves. Between a whole lot of arrogant stupid people there are so many souls that light up so bright, they blind themselves. I want to be the person who helps them notice, just how wonderful they are. How they are worth effort, time and space.

I believe in self-love. And at times i don’t live by it myself. Just a kind word can change a whole day, and you do not need to hear those words from someone else. You are enough <3

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Minimalism, back on track

1 juli 2017


Minimalism, a recurrent topic on my blog. It has been on my mind lately, ever since I watched the documentary Minimalism: a documentary about the important things. Even though i was not into the documentary (i found it quite disappointing), it brought back the urge to minimize. There are lots of tips I like to use, but then I don’t apply them. So I decided to write down some easy tricks to (start) living with less. They might be helpful for you as well.

  1. For people who wear make-up on a regular basis or clean their face (daily). There is this special cloth, I believe it is called the make-up eraser. It is a sort of microfiber-like cloth that cleans your face and takes make-up off, without an additional product. You just use a bit of water and then it works it wonders. I love it, because it works and it has multiple advantages: no/less make-up remover & less waste, which is great for the environment, yaay! After using it you can trow it in the washing machine and re-use it. I bought mine at the action (not sure if this shop exist outside of the Netherlands) it costed less then a euro and I will hopefully be using it for a long, long time!
    Additionally I have been using microfiber cloths cut up in little squares instead of cotton facial pads (wattenschijfjes) and that works great, I use them with a tea tree cleanser. And same as for the make-up eraser they are washable!
  2. Use oil instead of creams. There are many people who use creams on a daily basis, but if you are like me, you hardly ever use it. So I decided to part with my creams, with the exception of nivea which I love to use whenever I have a runny nose situation. As for oils, I am a huge fan of coconut oil, it makes my skin feel soft and it melts at body temperature. It doesn’t have a scent and I love to put it on at night and then wake up with super soft skin. And additionally coconut oil can be used for many many other things, which is great!
  3. A few questions to ask yourself when decluttering, instead of wondering what you want to get rid of do the opposite, what are the things that you really want to keep. It’s simple yet effective (for me at least). Another useful question is if you would see for this item in the store, would you buy it again?
  4. As for buying things, make sure you not only love it at the moment, but try to think if it will be an asset in your life.
  5. Read my article about 5 reasons to live with less, as a reminder.
  6. Keep it simple, yet not boring. Minimalism is about either loving what you have or using/needing it. If owning 50 notebooks makes you happy, keep them. Minimalism isn’t about living with as little stuff as possible, it is about loving the things that you own!

So these are some easy tips. Remember that you don’t do this in a weekend, it’s a lifestyle that takes some time. You go trough your belongings and that might take some time. And that is okay. It is definitely worth it (in my opinion).


Have a nice weekend! Let me know if any of these tips have been helpful.

What are your thoughts on minimalism?

Lots of love,



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about my skin

13 mei 2017

There is something about my skin that I haven’t shared with anybody. Until now that is. When I was 14, I managed to get burned. My upper legs were covered in blisters on a thick red carpet that had formed on my legs. On my hip a blister around the size of my thumb, my arm carrying a red stain, my fingers covered in thin white-translucent blisters and additional marks here and there. I hated the pain. I couldn’t walk for days as it would make my skin stretch and my blisters ache. The heat making everything worse. Simple things like going to the bathroom, sleeping, walking, everything had become too difficult. The pain didn’t last long, about 2 weeks later, I was already hopping through the garden and dancing in the rain. I never really cared about the way it looked. And to this day I still don’t care. Most of it has faded away. As the strange individual that I was I even thought it was quite nice, it tells a silly story.

So why am I sharing this with you?

First of all to warn you for citrus fruits. If you get the juice on your skin, for example on your hands by putting lemon on your meal, if it then gets exposed to sun, it can cause some nasty burns. I believe this is something that mostly happens around the beach with bright sun. It won’t happen that easy here in Holland, but still please be careful! I also once read that a lot of party-people get it from drinking something with lemon juice, which results is a upper lip burn :( Don’t get me wrong I loooove lemons and most citrus fruits, but be careful with them!

The second reason I wanted to share this, is to tell you that scars are not things you have to hide. They don’t make you any more or less beautiful. It might be easy to say this for me, as I was mostly left with scars on the sides of my body and on my legs. They are hardly ever exposed and they are mild burns. As I said, now you can hardly even see them. But scars, no matter the cause or how visible they are. They do not make you any less beautiful.

Lots of love,


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-If you want more info on these citrus burns, it’s called phytophotodermatitis and it’s a chemical reaction. You can look it up :)

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To be content with your body

6 mei 2017

Body positivity

A subject I find incredibly important. We live in a society where our appearance is constantly judged, by others but also by ourselves. Unfortunately there are many people who look in the mirror and see an image they don’t like. People who don’t feel confident without make-up. People who don’t like their body shape. Zits, fat rolls, bony shoulders, broad shoulders, it seems as if no body-type is ever good enough. We all have flaws, insecurities. Can you imagine a world where everyone looks like a (photo-shopped)supermodel, even without make-up on, a new ‘natural’ look. I’m pretty sure we would still find flaws, maybe in a different way, but still we wouldn’t be content. If this would be reality -I am sorry to crush this ‘ideal’ image- but don’t you think this would make us so much less interesting. We would lose so much diversity and we should embrace our diversity. Because it is beautiful.

I have had struggles with my body image for many years. And now I’m happy to say that I am actually really happy with my body. The truth is my body still looks the same, mostly anyways. But internally I have changed. I have learned to appreciate my tiny posture, my lack of boobs, my skin even with my scars, bruises and impurities. I have accepted that you can see my rib cage when I bent forward and see my belly bulge at the same time. There are still things that I don’t like about my appearance, things that make me self aware. But I have decided that I can be content about them and I do realize how little they change about my appearance as a whole. Most importantly how they change me only for the better as a person.

I was always thin, something many people strive for. I wasn’t always happy though. Comments ranged from; ”Do you eat enough? If you don’t eat more, I will be worried about you having anorexia -no joke, someone actually told me this in a joke like way, after which I escaped to the bathroom to cry. Here have some more food, you need it. I wish I was as skinny as you are! You’re so lucky, you don’t get fat!” All these comment were made by people who care(d) for me. But I hope you can realize that they did not make me happy, not at all. Two lovely ladies did ask me why it would not be nice to hear that you are thin, after all it’s something they see as a positive thing. I explained them and I will explain it here as well, very short using my opinion. I never wanted to be skinny, I wanted to be healthy, a healthy weight. Hearing the words skinny or thin always made me feel like I was underweight. As if people would judge me for not eating enough, not being enough. And that hurts.

Mariët Mons wrote a beautiful post about beauty or function of our bodies. It is written in Dutch, and if you can please read it. Mariët writes beautiful. The main message is something that I want to share with you! It’s that we should realize that the value of our body does not depend on how it looks, the value is in it’s functionality. What really is important is health and love, and for this you do NOT need a perfect body that lacks flaws and follows all the beauty standards.

Here is a tiny exercise that may sound silly to some, but who cares. Kan gewoon:

Stand in front of your mirror, if possible a full body frame mirror. You can wear your favorite outfit, your underwear, nothing, it doesn’t really matter. Now close your eyes. Say all your flaws (out loud or in your mind) BUT follow them by saying a positive thing about the flaws as well. Start wherever you like, and finish when you feel like it. Take a deep calm breath and open your eyes.

I hope you realize that you are beautiful!

With love,



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